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Cherriez International W.L.L is a producer of ice cream and frozen yogurt at its finest quality. While based in Kuwait, it has aimed for a global market in establishing a “win-win” business module and plans to its investors and consumers. The company is managed by highly efficient and effective team in achieving a high standard of customer satisfaction.


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The ingredients are fortified with vitamins, high content of anti-oxidant and free from preservatives and artificial flavors. The freshness of its fruits assures a rich taste that makes it irresistible. Its taste is euphoric because the fruits are handpicked using only high grade ingredients assuring both great taste and nutritional value.


why cherriez?

Cherriez products are highly nutritious and delicious that certainly will be loved by the consumers. Aside from the unique taste, the yogurt has live and active pro biotic cultures, all natural and fat-free / low-fat products. We offer a balanced and healthy lifestyle by providing high quality and best raw ingredients to our consumers.

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