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Cherriez. Quality you can feel and test

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CHERRIEZ ……..Inspired Authentic Ice Cream .
From a small shop in Kuwait city , we have started our journey, to be the fastest growing local ice cream & frozen yogurt concept . Our idea was born in Kuwait and with love , dedication , and care we have made memories as today’s ice cream .
we hope our journey to move from east to west , north to south across continents as our dream is to have hundreds of franchises around the GLOBE .as we will take CHERRIEZ across the world with passion and distinguished personality .
We have made a promise to our customers to serve them with a Tasty & Nutritious Ice Cream through creating a strong point of difference in the market . we believe that the world have a great appetite for ICE CREAM .
With handpicked fruits , and handmade recipes we have distinguished our selves . No compromise to ingredients selection , as we want to serve our customers with the Freshest and most nutritious
Ingredients. By doing this we are sure that we can touch the inner side of our customers .
Our strong belief that we can not be different if we stopped innovation and easily adopted imitation .
Adding luxurious ingredients to our recipes changes the life style of our customers , from Madagascan Vanilla to Matcha ,Belgian chocolate and Pistachio will redefine the concept
Of ice cream and makes our customers delighted . New definition of quality can be made here !!!
We are trying to have emotional connection with our customers through Social Media to express them selves , add value to our believes , improving our selves and our products as well.
Serving the community will complete our message to the world that we are an Ice Cream company And we cares . with every outlet we opens we donates the first day revenue to CHARITY !!!
As we feel that we are more responsible than making ice cream.

To become the GCC’s first choice ice cream and frozen yogurt.

To produce and sell premium ice cram and natural frozen yogurt with different flavors of unique ingredients and adapting the best business practices and strategies to our dear clients.

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Our Team